My books have arrived!


I’m extremely happy to announce that my latest book “Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales” is available in paperback for immediate dispatch, for only £4.99 each (+£1.50 P&P per order if applicable).
Visit my Drabble page to order your copy today. It’s a limited print run, over 1/4 of them already sold on preorder.


It’s been a while since I updated the blog, for which I apologise. I had an essay assignment for my Open University course, and that pretty well out-ranks updating a blog, but now that’s done and dusted.

I’ve had a lot of things buzzing around in my head about going into teaching. Should I do some volunteering? If so, which school should I ask? What sort of retraining am I going to need? Which subject fires me up the most, and which age-group do I want to teach?

None of this has crystallised into any sort of definite form as yet, so in the absence of anything worthwhile, I thought I would keep my brain occupied by re-writing the classic song “My Favourite Things”. This has been a bit of an idea of mine for a while. After all, truth be told, I’m not that bothered about raindrops on roses…

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