Back to business

Hi fans, sorry I’ve been quiet so long, I’ve had a lot going on.

Talktalk (in their infinite wisdom) can’t tell the difference between blocking one WP site, and blocking hundreds, so I’ve been unable to access this site for months! I’ve finally got it sorted, so it’s time to fill you in on my exciting projects.

1) The Strangeling’s Tale, my new ebook, is available at  Smashwords, Amazon, Google Books and other retailers.

2) I have a Pinterest page, with pictures of my framed stories already pinned.

3) I am writing three books of Drabbles (stories exactly 100 words long)

4) I am working on a project to publish school anthologies through local schools. Please contact me if you know the name of a Literacy Co-ordinator in any school in Sale.

5) I am starting work on “The Tailor’s Curse”, the book after “The Strangeling’s Tale”. It’s looking really promising so far.

6) I have been booked to tell stories at the Denzell Gardens BookFest in Altrincham on Saturday 28th September.

7) I have a Google+ page for Short Story Lady

I have certainly been keeping busy over the summer, who knows what the Autumn may hold…