What is a storyteller?

A storyteller’s a shepherd, who drives our emotions,
Gladness or sorrow are mere words away
The storyteller can catch them, hold them, keep them,
Herding our dreams through the light of the day

A storyteller’s a blacksmith, shaping our language,
Bending the words into notions unthought,
Melting the past down to make our new futures,
Showing us how our desires are wrought.

A storyteller’s a doctor, healing our hurts,
broken hearts bound with tradition and songs,
tending our ills with the utmost compassion,
Mending our memories, righting our wrongs.

A storyteller’s a wizard, abundant in magic,
casting a spell over all who draw near,
making the ordinary sparkle like diamonds,
waving a wand to make wonders appear.

A storyteller’s an archaeologist, digging for facts,
bringing them into the present to share,
Shining them up and revealing their histories,
New, yet preserved with the greatest of care.

A storyteller’s a guide, through the lands of unknowing,
showing the path through the mists of the years,
mapping the landscape’s adventure and wonder,
bridging the gap ‘twixt our hopes and our fears.

So next time you wonder what storytellers do,
remember how wordsmiths can make people feel,
they hold up a mirror to show our reality
and hold up a lantern, our souls to reveal.


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