A good wolf

One of the children at my nursery asked for a story about a Good Wolf today.

Once upon a time, Goldilocks was walking through the woods. After the recent “three bears” incident, she was on her best behaviour and was minding her own business, when she heard a big growly sob coming from a clearing in the trees.

She went to see what it was, and was surprised to see a wolf sitting all alone at a huge table that was full of party food, sobbing his little heart out.

She approached the wolf and asked what was the matter, the wolf told her it was his birthday, and he had invited all the forest creatures, but nobody had come because they were scared of wolves. “But they’re wrong!” Wailed the wolf “I’m not a big bad wolf at all! For a start, I’m only little, but also, I’m nice if only people get to know me”.

Goldilocks couldn’t bear to see any creature that sad, so she came up with a plan. Together, they took the party food and went to the three bears’ house, and the five of them had a lovely party. Daddy bear’s food was salty, just the way he liked it, and mummy bear’s was sweet.  Baby bear, Goldilocks and the wolf each found food they loved, and soon they were all full up.

Goldilocks and the bears told their friends about the good little wolf, and soon he had plenty of friends, and lived Happily Ever After

The End


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